by Stefanie Dunning in response to Eco-Monster and Somatic Takeovers symposium (September 16–19, 2021)

To get to the Rangiri Dambulla temple in Sri Lanka, you have to first fly to Colombo. Once there, you’ll hire a car to drive you three hours outside of the city. Cut into the rock…

Every year, the cold war that has been going on between my household and the local township commences with the warm and wet days of spring which bring robust grass growth. My partner and I attempt each year to participate in “No Mow May,” so that pollinators can thrive before…

“Go to forest to meet the wise green friends!”― Mehmet Murat ildan

I just returned from three days in the forest. It wasn’t the most secluded forest; in fact, it was rather noisy as it is circumscribed on all sides by a highway. In the middle of this huge nature preserve is an enormous lake.

We skirted the perimeter and could never…

Zeffie Gaines (Stefanie Dunning)

A teacher, writer, living in the now, angelic troublemaker.

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